If you are new to using any one of our serums your skin will be receiving a nutrient rich bomb that your skin is not used to, something more potent and more effective than you have ever used before. You may break out in acne or pimples. This is really great news! I’ll tell you why this is good news and how to remedy this.

Our serums go to work to activate your tired and damaged skin cells right at the core, this means really deep down, in places your other anti ageing skincare products will not to have reached. The first thing that will happen is that your cells will expel the trapped dirt and excess sebum that has been partially responsible for them not working properly. Some of this dirt and excess sebum may have been trapped since years.
As this dirt and excess sebum is pushed out to the surface there can be dead skin blocking it from being released and this is why pimples or acne appears.
The remedy is to use a high quality facial exfoliant once or twice a week. Once the old dead skin is polished off, the dirt will be released, the pores will shrink and the overall appearance will be smoother immediately.
(we have a best selling facial polish that polishes away dead skin while caring for sensitive skin if you would like to try).
If this has happened to you then it should only happen once in the beginning, this means in the first few days of using our serums. The pimples should disappear in a day and not come back. If ever they do reappear you should continue with a facial exfoliant once a week.