Our serums are formulated with 100% natural safe ingredients and we have, despite searching the planet, not found a safe ingredient that keeps all ingredients mixed in all temperatures.

The only way to guarantee ingredients will never split is to add some dangerous synthetic chemicals, however this goes against our policy and beliefs of keeping our brand toxin free.

Our skincare is impeccably safe and clean and we refuse to add anything that is synthetic or even slightly dangerous to your health.

Our serums can separate if exposed to extreme cold during transport in winter or extreme heat during transport in summer. And as much as it pains us to see some of our products treated badly and not arrive in the beautiful condition they left here, sadly we have no control over transportation conditions.

Please be reassured that the serum is just as effective for your skin even thought the texture is different and that you will need to shake the product well before each use.

If this has happens to your product please send us a video and we will send you a choice of free gifts to choose from. This will be added to your next shipment to make up for your inconvenience.

Thank you for your kind understanding!