With the collaboration of a well known Swiss Biochemist and organic cosmetics laboratory, Swiss Toniq was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by British born mother, ex horse breeder and professional showjumping rider Fiona Pittaluga-Nicholls in 2017, after a horse fall that left her with a broken spine and woke her up to healing and caring for her body.

She wasn't happy that many products claiming to be "organic" or "natural" actually contained dangerous chemicals and that todays skincare products were made up of cooked, bleached ingredients that were dead and gave unimpressive results. She realized that her skin issues and minor illnesses all disappeared once she removed chemical skincare from her daily routine.

She was also disappointed about the gross amount of single use plastic packaging being used. This being not only harmful to the environment but also leaking toxins in to the products that you then put on your skin. 
She discovered that most existing products contained only 1% to 10% of the valuable actives they claimed and that the remaining content was useless and sometimes harmful fillers.

She wanted to bring higher quality products to women, products that actually worked and were not bulked up or diluted or contribute to illness...

Products where women PAY FOR AMAZING INGREDIENTS... AND NOT for the celebrity sponsorships, masses of glossy packaging and huge advertising campaign costs that are routinely added into products.